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We are Astrid

Based in Stockholm, we’re improving how people and businesses communicate.

We offer an affordable and fully automated way to assess, measure and improve spoken communication at scale by combining proprietary speech recognition and generative AI.

“Building the Grammarly for spoken communication.”

Astrid provides an end-to-end solution to the key challenges of assessing and improving verbal communication skills.

“We are on a mission to improve how businesses and people communicate in the hybrid work era. Astrid is the first ‘all-in-one’ software solution for testing, tracking and upskilling spoken communication skills for a global workforce.”

Andreas, co-founder Astrid

“Astrid is all about improving people’s lives by levelling up how they communicate in an increasingly connected world.”

John, co-founder Astrid

Attracting the best talent in the industry

The Astrid Team previously built and led Spotify, EF, Kry, iZettle and King - and are now backed by the founders and leaders of those places.

A handpicked team

Astrid is a skilled team of engineers, designers and developers with extensive experience from a number of successful tech companies.

A strong network

An extensive network of strategic, product and tech advisers further strengthens and empowers Astrid with advice, services and experience.

The Team

Andreas Kullberg
Co-founder, CEO
John Kristensen
Co-founder, CFO & COO
Thúy N. Trần
Co-founder, CTO
Vasilis Kalogiras
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Hedda Altmejd Selder
Senior Product Manager
Quintus Roos
Machine Learning Engineer
Vendela Talenti
Product Designer
Joakim Olsson
Staff Engineer
Erik Tällberg
Product Manager
Giang Tungoccam
Product Designer
Liam Warton
Design Lead
Kim Fouchenette
Senior Software Engineer
Joe Flory
Content Lead
Olle Berglöf
Backend Developer
Quan Tran
Senior Software Engineer
Learning Designer
Learning Designer

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